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Designart inc currently manufactures several different product lines for the home décor industry. We currently manufacture over 1 000 000 skus in the following categories: Hand painted oil paintings, Canvas wall art prints, Framed Artwork, Metal wall art, Circular metal art, 3D Metal art, Clocks, Acrylic wall art, Cushion, window draping/curtains and bed sheets/comforter sets. Through careful analysis of market trends, we constantly create new product lines with a prioritization on speed to market allowing our partners to offer their clients new exciting products on a monthly basis and increase their revenue growth.

24-48 Hour on demand production

Canvas wall art, mirrors, metal wall art, clocks, wood wall art, bedding, accessories and all of our other home decor product lines are all available for 24 hour production and next day shipping. We offer drop shipping and white label services to all of our clients across the USA and Canada.


We pride ourselves on innovation, design and development. We are constantly adding designs, variations to existing designs or entirely new product lines to our catalog. We want you to know that when choosing to offer our product lines to your customers, you are choosing high quality, innovation and product lines that are constantly evolving to create new trends. In the case that you are looking for something specific that you can not find in our catalog, just let us know! We would be happy to help you turn your ideas and creations into a reality through our custom design services.

OVER 1,000,000 SKUS

We realize that with over 1 000 000 designs, countless sizes, frame options and mediums browsing the entire catalog and deciding what is right for your business and your clients may seem overwhelming. That is why our retail account managers are here to help. We can assist you in browsing by genre, color, size and medium. We can help you decide which product lines, be it our wall art (canvas, wood or metal), clocks, bedding and accessories or any other of our home decor lines are trending now and would be the right fit for your clients. Home decor trends can change quickly and no matter which product line you are interested in carrying, our retail account managers are here for you and would love to help you find what you need.

Our Customers

Designart inc is very proud to be able to call the largest retailers and e-Commerce retailers In North America our partners. By working closely with each and every one of our retail partners and maintaining our own in house product development, content creation, drop-shipping , marketing and manufacturing, we have been able to develop strategic partnerships with each retailer through product/ program customization and catering to the individual needs of our partners. Below you will find a few of the retailers we currently partner with.


Over 1 Million of SkUS available on 24-48 Hour on demand prodution & Drop shipping. 10+ home decor category from our US & Canadian Locations.


We realize that with over 1 Million designs, countless sizes, frame options and mediums browsing the entire catalog and deciding what is right for your business .


Question or concern? Not sure what to get? Our team is here to help!

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Designart inc strives to offer high quality home décor at affordable prices, 100% manufactured in North America (Canada and USA)

Wall Art

Aluminum artwork with a high gloss finish and vibrant colors mounted on wood sub frames with available in several sizes.

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Pillow & Bedding

This Modern & Contemporary bed set is created using the richest colors stemming from high density Italian ink and the softest fabrics making it the perfect way to spruce up your bedroom, while keeping it ultra-comfortable.

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Mirror & Decor

Uniquely shaped, laser cut aluminum artwork with a high gloss finish and vibrant colors mounted on mirror, available in several sizes.

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